Fun Events has everything needed for a fun carnival for your school, church, or community! We have games, fun foods and entertainment for all ages!


Medical Game
New Interactive Game that allows your guest to extract bones from Matt the guy that past away from so much stress! He has six bones that need to be
extracted to win. If you hit his skin with your operating tools he comes to life with glowing eyes, nose and other parts warn you with a buzzer!



Shoot cannonballs into the holes of the ship to sink it into the dark sea!


Carnival Game Booths

10 x 10

Colors Blue, White, and Red & White


Carnival Games


A carnival favorite! Roll the ball up the ramp and into the holds to win points!
Requires 10 amps of power per lane.


Hole In One Golfing Game


Carnival Games
8- Color Crazy Ball


Carnival Games

Flip the Frog

Launch the frog through the air from its pad into the goal to win!


Doubleshot Basketball rental
Double Shot Basketball

Guests compete in a basketball shootout against a timer to see who is the next NBA Allstar

10 x 6 area & Requires Batteries or 5 amps of Power


Inflatable Basketball Shootout

8 x 12 area & Requires 10 amps of Power


Pit Stop Racing

Guest race changing tires in a timed pit stop for a racing car!

12 x 5 area & requires 10 amps of power


High Stiker Carnival Games

5′ High Striker

For the little ones; everyone’s a winner!

17′ High Striker

For older kids and adults; Do you have the strength to ring the bell at the top?


Mini Striker

Every hit is a winner!


Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

A classic carnival event! See if you’re accurate and strong enough to hit the target with the baseball and dunk your friend, teacher, coworker, or boss! Also ask about our Ball Pit Dunk tank!


Baseball Radar Speed Tent

Football Radar Speed tent

Lacross Radar Speed Tent



duck Pond carnival games

Duck Pond

Pluck a duck from the pond to win! Everyone is a winner!


Ring Toss Carnival Games

Ring Toss

Toss the rings around the bottle necks to win!


Plinko Game


Just like on the Price is Right! Drop the token in from the top and see where it falls!
We have a Mini- Tabletop Plinko as well!



Cook The Chicken

Launch the chicken with our catapult into the cooking pot!



Milk the Cow Race

This HYSTERICAL game is great for all ages! Race to see who can milk Bessie the fastest!


Carnival Games

Clown Toss

Toss the bean bags through the clown’s nose!
Several units and sizes available.


Carnival Games

Table-Top Fish Bowl

Toss the wiffle balls into the fish bowls to win!


Tin Can alley Carnival Games

Tin Can Ally

Test your throwing arm and see how many tin cans you can knock down!


Carnival Games


Roll the ball around the corner and if it falls into a hole, you’ve won!



Ring Toss Carnival Games

Bear Ring Toss

Toss the hoop over the bears hand to win!


Carnival Games

Carnival Bowling

Roll the ball down the lane to see how many pins you can knock over!


Carnival Games

Tic Tac Toe

Toss the wiffle balls to get 3-in-a-row!


Carnival Games

Over-Under Game

Roll the balls into the columns to score under 11 or over 30!


Clown Knock Down Game

Toss a bea bag and knock over the different clowns!


Balloon Dart Board Carnival Games

Balloon Dart Board

Choose from many sizes, pop the balloon with a dart and win a prize!


Carnival Games

Goblet Pitch

Toss a ball into one of the colored holes!


Carnival Games

Dice Race Game

the dice to move, five children can play at one time. Options can
include shell racing, car racing, horse racing, truck racing and more!


Carnival Games

Lollipop Tree

choose a lollipop, and if the stick is marked on the bottom, they
get a prize AND the lollipop! No mark on the bottom? They still get to
keep the lollipop!


Carnival Games

Milk Can Toss

Try to toss the ball into the opening of a large milk can to win!


Fun Flush Carnival Games

Fun Flush

Toss a ball at the target to try and flush 3-5 gallons of water onto the person under the target! Great for Elementary Schools!


Prize Wheels
Prize Wheels


Pie Throwing Walls

Pie Throw Walls

Stick your head through a photo cutout, just hope the pie thrower misses!


Tabletop Toiletball

Wipe the competition by allowing your Guest to shoot rolls of toilet paper to score!

5 x 5 area


Potty Toss Game

Guests shoot rolls of tolit paper into a tolit to score!


Ring A Bear


Racing Themed Games

Air Cleaner Toss

Oil Filter Knock Down

And Many more!


Milk Bottle Bowling

Coconut Bowling


Ric O Shay

Roll the balls to the holes to score points!


String Memory Game Of Skill


Paintless paintball Shooting Gallery

Paintball Shooting Gallery

4 guns shoot at targets in the gallery and can be themed to your event15 x 25 area


Video Bingo

Includes 50 HDTV or a 9x 12 inflatable Screen, Bingo cards and Host

Requires 10 amps of Power

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